All-in-one makerspace
management solution

Fabman is the operating system for your makerspace, fab lab, coworking space, or school workshop. Manage your machines and members easily, safely & efficiently.

No commitment. No credit card needed.
Fabman on computer and phone

Everything you need
to run your makerspace effectively

From tiny workshop to sprawling fab lab - Fabman is the tool for your business.

Easy machine integration

Connect your equipment in less than 5 minutes – whether it’s a laser cutter or coffee machine.

Smart bookings & reservations

Let members book machines, rooms or desks online.

Membership management

Sign up new members. Add packages & plans. Grant members access to machines and track completed training courses.

Billing & payments

Charge members for their plans, bookings, and equipment usage – automatically and by the minute, if you like.

Up and running
in minutes

This 1-minute video is a brief introduction to Fabman. And if that’s not enough, have a look at our short walkthrough video to see how easy it is to set up machines and get started.

No commitment. No credit card needed.
No commitment. No credit card needed.

Loved by the community

Makerspaces, fab labs, and universities around the world love Fabman. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what they say:

Tomáš Mejzlík, Lab Manager of FabLab Brno

Fabman helped FabLab Brno a lot with overcoming initial obstacles and growing to maturity. There’s a ton of knowledge and experience behind it.

Tomáš Mejzlík,
Lab Manager
FabLab Brno
Martin Papouschek, CEO & Founder of Werksalon Co-Making Space

Fabman makes our woodshop management heaps easier and gives us more time to spend with customers and on projects.

Martin Papouschek
CEO & Founder
Werksalon Co-Making Space
Christian Perfler, Technical Expert at Werkstätte Wattens, Center for Rapid Innovation

Fabman is the ideal supplement for our lab and our makers. Its online app shows everthing with a single glance and gives us full control.

How to connect your equipment to Fabman

Safety for your
users & machines

Manage every machine with Fabman – laser cutter, 3D Printer, CNC mill and even your coffee machine. Our bridges connect your equipment to Fabman in less than five minutes:

  1. Hardware setup: Plug the machine’s power cord into the bridge and plug that into an outlet. That’s it!
  2. Add the machine to your Fabman account. Set permissions and configure usage fees.
  3. Members switch on the machine using their smartphone or NFC keycard.

Fabman logs all activities, creates charges, and makes sure that the machine doesn’t run unattended.

See technical details

Built for extension:
Makers gonna make

Fabman’s full functionality & data are available via our flexible, open JSON API. Write little scripts, import existing data, integrate your favorite tools, build powerful extensions – everything is possible.

View API documentation

$ curl -u 98a85532-f621-4b0b-8394-9b227175308a:
[ { "id": 1711, "account": 42, "firstName": "Melanie", "lastName": "Johnson", "company": "Fast Widget Inc", "address": "Sesame Street 25", "address2": null, "zip": "1234", "city": "Vienna", "countryCode": "AT", "lockVersion": 2, "billingAddress": "Fast Widget Ave 12", … } ]

Built by makerspace managers

We’ve been managing fab labs successfully for over a decade – and learned a great deal along the way. The knowledge and best practices we’ve built into Fabman will help you grow and thrive.

Roland Stelzer, Co-Founder Happylab and Fabman

We started Fabman to manage our own makerspace. Now we have 2000 members and grant them 24/7 access to our machines. Fabman allows us to run the space profitably and safely – with only one lab manager.

Roland Stelzer
Co-Founder Happylab & Fabman
Happylab in Vienna, Berlin and Salzburg + Fabman
No commitment. No credit card needed.