New in Fabman: Billing overview for members, improved member landing page, and more

We’ve just released two major improvements for the member portal. Here’s a quick overview of what’s changed.

Invoices & charges

Members can now see & print their invoices and check recent charges. If they are on a prepaid plan, they can also see their current credit balance.

Member billing page

Head over to your account settings and enable “Billing for members” to add this new section to your member portal:

Enable member billing in your account settings (It’s enabled by default for new Fabman accounts.)

Contact info, opening hours and holidays

The member landing page got a new info box that shows the contact details, opening hours, and upcoming holidays for your space. The new member portal overview page

Have you noticed another detail in the picture above? You can now add custom text, including links and text formatting, to your member portal. It’s great for linking to your community wiki, forums, or material shop. Or use it to remind members of news or changes in your lab.

How? Go to your space’s general settings and experiment with the “additional info for members” section.

Other changes

As always, we’ve released several other improvements and fixes. Here are the most important ones, if you’re curious:

Give these improvements a try and let us know what you think! What do you like? What’s missing?