New in Fabman: Self Sign-up plugin, calendar integrations, and WPA 2 Enterprise support

It’s time for another feature roundup! Recently we’ve shipped:

Member Self Sign-up

We’ve released a plugin for Google Sheets that lets you use Google Forms as a self sign-up page for your members. Create a form with whatever questions you need answered and then use the new plugin to specify which answer should be written into which Fabman member field.

You can install the plugin directly from the Google Workspace Marketplace. This video shows how to set everything up in 10 minutes:

The source code for the plugin is available too, in case you want to improve it or create your own version.

Bookings in Google Calender, Outlook, …

You can now add all your space’s bookings to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, or any other calendar that supports the iCal format.

Your Fabman bookings in Apple Calendar.

Visit our documentation page to learn more.

WPA 2 Enterprise & simpler WiFi setup

Our Fabman bridges now finally support WPA 2 Enterprise!

And we’ve tweaked the setup screen to make room for a small QR code. You can scan that code with your smartphone to automatically join the Setup WiFi instead of having to manually type in a cryptic password.

The new setup screen with a WiFi QR code. The updated setup form with WPA 2 Enterprise options.

Other changes

Of course that’s not all. Here’s some of the other improvements we have shipped since the last blog post: