New Features: USD plans and lots of small improvements

Good news for all our US customers: You can now pay for Fabman in US Dollars instead of Euros if you prefer. And good news for everyone: We just released a bunch of quality-of-life improvements for frequent use cases.

USD plans

All Fabman plans are now available with both USD and EUR prices. New customers can choose a currency when they upgrade to a paid plan.

Existing Fabman customers can change their billing currency at any time by clicking on “Switch plan” on their Fabman account details page:

All Fabman pricing plans are now available in both USD and EUR.

If you currently have account credits and want to be billed in USD in the future, please send us a message.

New filters for activity log, bookings, and training courses

Both the activity log and the booking list can now be filtered by equipment category, not just by equipment. So you can see the activity across all your 3D printers at once or review the upcoming bookings for any of your laser cutters.

Filter bookings and activities by equipment category or equipment

And if your account contains multiple spaces, you can now filter by space and equipment category simultaneously. (Previously, space and equipment filters were mutually exclusive.)

If you offer lots of different training courses, you’ll appreciate that courses received their own set of filters: you can now search by training title or notes and filter by equipment.

Search & filter training courses

Archive old equipment

Equipment can now be archived, which removes it from the member portal and most lists while still keeping its settings, activity log, and bookings around for future reference.

If you still opt to delete the equipment instead, its activity log and bookings will now remain visible nonetheless. This lets you look up historic usage information even after you’ve deleted an old machine.

Member billing email address

Members now have an optional “billing email address” field that you can use if they want their invoices and payment request emails delivered to a separate address.

Members can have their invoices sent to a separate email address.

Deleting multiple charges

If you accidentally charged a member in the past and wanted to undo it, you had to click four times per charge to delete it. Now you can get rid of multiple charges at once by clicking on “Delete selected charges” at the bottom of a member’s charge list:

Deleting multiple charges at once

Other changes

Here are some of the other improvements we have shipped since the last blog post: