New in Fabman: Spanish member app, non-prorated packages, revamped settings, better member search

We’re constantly improving Fabman. Here are the most notable changes we’ve made over the past few months:

Spanish member app

The member portal in spanish.

The member app is now available in Spanish – thanks to help from the kind people at Cuadrilla in Bogotá, Colombia. We also used the opportunity to improve the German translation.

If your members have set their browser’s language to Spanish, they’ll automatically get the Spanish version. But they can also choose a language on their preference page.

New member filters

Filter members by package or training.

We’ve added several new filter options to the member list. You can now search for members who …

These options double as a quick and easy way to check how many members have booked which package.

(All these filters have already been available via the API for a long time. But we hadn’t put them into the app.)

Packages that are not charged in proportion, i.e., sane annual packages

Up until now, if you added a monthly package to a member on the 15th of the month, they were immediately charged for half a month and then charged for a full month on every first of the month. Originally, we believed that this simplified billing because you know that all monthly charges can be invoiced at the first of the month.

But these odd first charges can create confusion among members. (“Why did you charge me € 6.37 for my ‘€ 9 per month’ package?") And it gets outright ridiculous for annual packages.

So we’ve improved how packages get charged. Now you can choose to let the first full week/month/year start right when you give someone the package and renew on whatever day of the week/month/year you assigned it. No more partial charges!

We won’t touch your existing packages, but all new packages will default to this new option. As they always should have.

Revamped package and space settings (and every other page)

Speaking of packages, we’ve completely redesigned their settings page. The old one had grown over time – until it became unwieldy. So we’ve split it into tidy categories. And the list of permissions a package grants is now much easier to understand at a glance.

The new package settings, with at little teaser…

The same goes for the settings page of your space. Gone are the five(!) different forms hidden behind just as many edit buttons, scattered across the page. 🙈 Now it’s all in one place:

The new space settings.

But we didn’t stop there. We went through every single page of Fabman, tweaking lots of little things – and even some bigger ones. The overview page got a new layout (if you use check-ins). The booking calendar got slightly more space-efficient – as did many lists, especially on mobile devices.

We hope you like it!

Other changes

As always, we’ve also added a whole lot of smaller fixes and improvements since the last announcement. Here are some of them: