Everything you need to run your space effectively.

From tiny shared space to sprawling fab lab – Fabman is the perfect operating system for your business.

Member management made easy

Sign up new members, add packages & plans, and track completed training courses. Grant members access to some or all of your equipment. See their full history at a glance.

See all member details at a glance

Flexible membership plans

Craft membership packages tailored to your needs. All-inclusive, 24/7 access? Half-Price-Tuesday? Weekend specials? All-you-can-print subscriptions? Everything is possible.

Customize permissions, discounts, fees, and cancellation terms to match your business needs. Fabman keeps track of one-time and recurring fees, making invoicing straight-forward. Need to make an exception for someone particular? You can adjust prices and discounts for individual members.

Flexible package permissions
Flexible package terms and cancellation rules

Unparalleled machine integration

Connect any machine to Fabman in minutes – from laser cutter to coffee maker. Collect usage statistics and status information. Effortlessly charge members for actual machine time instead of using guesstimations. Track required maintenance and tell users about downtimes.

With Fabman, you control who can use your equipment. Make training courses mandatory or reserve prime-time for premium customers. Keep your lab safe with flexible access controls.

Fabman Bridge on a laser cutter

Prevent unattended operation

Fabman bridges ensure that dangerous equipment isn’t left unattended. Fabman can prompt users to swipe their card at regular intervals while the machine is busy – and automatically shut it off if they don’t respond. Prevent hazardous situations before they arise.

CNC mill operating

Smart bookings & reservations

Let members book machines, meeting rooms or desks online. Fabman takes care of billing and guarantees that a machine is actually available when someone’s reservation is coming up. No more "But I just need 10 more minutes" disputes in your community.

Booking calendar

Billing & payment

Charge members for their plans, bookings, and equipment usage – automatically and by the minute, if you like. Create invoices for one-time and recurring fees. Start accepting credit cards and collect payments with a single click. Coming soon: Cashless point of sale. Let members pay for material or refreshments with their member card.

Simple invoicing with Fabman

Detailed activity log

Automatically charge members for resource usage – precise and intelligible. Know what’s happening in your lab. And in case of damages, the log helps you to discover who’s accountable. "Who used the CNC mill yesterday evening?"

Fabman’s log shows all member activities

Manage multiple locations

Add all your spaces to a single account and let members roam between them if you wish.

Multiple spaces in different time zones with roaming members

Built for extension

Fabman’s full functionality & data is available via our flexible JSON API. Write little scripts, import existing data, integrate your favorite tools, build powerful extensions – everything is possible. Fabman’s Webhooks can notify you of any data changes and let you automate common tasks or develop two-way synchronizations.

View API documentation

$ curl https://fabman.io/api/v1/members?account=42 -u 98a85532-f621-4b0b-8394-9b227175308a:
[ { "id": 1711, "account": 42, "firstName": "Melanie", "lastName": "Johnson", "company": "Fast Widget Inc", "address": "Sesame Street 25", "address2": null, "zip": "1234", "city": "Vienna", "countryCode": "AT", "lockVersion": 2, "billingAddress": "Fast Widget Ave 12", … } ]